When you are ready to have your slides or photos scanned, it is a good idea to do an online search for a company that is in your area. Many people are a little reluctant to send their precious memories out of town or out of state since there is always that chance your package could get lost. Even though with today’s tracking technology by UPS and FedX, having your package lost still can happen. The other nice feature of using a local company is you are able to speak with the person that will be working on your job and visit the company to see how professional they come across. Here are a few more reasons on why to use a local company to scan your photos or slides.

The safety of your slides and photos
When shipping your media off to somewhere in the USA or out of the country there are greater chances something could happen to your memories. From being damaged in shipping, lost or shipped to a wrong address anything is possible. You can always add shipping insurance to cover your package, but this will never bring back your lost or damaged memories. By finding a local company, you always know where your media is and make sure the company you choose does all their work on premise and is not sent out.

Turnaround time is quicker
By using a local company you will eliminate the time it takes to ship and receive your slides or photos. This means a quicker turnaround time depending on the size of your order and many times your order can be complete in less than 24 hours. There are several online national companies that have a turnaround time of 4-6 weeks or longer.

Get to know your technician
When you deal with a local company you have the added benefit of not only meeting the person that will be scanning your photos or slides but being able to visit the company that will be doing the work. You can learn a lot by just checking out the facility.

Start your order
When you are ready to search for a local company online, enter the service you are looking for and the city. For example you could enter slide scanning San Diego or photo scanning San Diego and there should be several companies that come up in your area.

To find a local company in your area try searching online for keywords such as Photo Scanning San Diego or Slide Scanning San Diego. Alternatively, you could use Yelp or another online directory to find a company nearby.