If you have home movies on DVD and want to duplicate them on your computer then you will need software to accomplish this. Copying or duplicating a DVD means you are going to make additional copies of your master DVD. If you already have a DVD master ready to be copied this will be easier to make copies versus having to convert the video files onto your hard drive in the computer so you are able to output them back onto your DVD copies. To make DVD copies from your computer can be achieved in a few different ways. The first option is if you have a DVD player and a DVD burner in your computer. The second option will be to copy the files from your DVD onto your hard drive in your computer then burn them back onto as many DVDs as needed. The best option if you are making multiple copies or even hundreds would be to have a DVD duplication tower. These duplication towers can get expensive so it might be best to look for a company that specializes in DVD duplication to fulfill your requirements. Here is a step by step description if you decide to duplicate your DVD copies in your computer with one DVD recordable drive.

Step 1: Find and Download the Software
You will need to locate a good DVD duplication software. Most likely you will have to purchase the software unless it came with your computer or DVD burner. Look on the internet and do your research for the best option that will work with your computer.

Step 2: The DVD is loaded into your computer
You will need to load the DVD into your computer and click the import DVD button to load the content into your computer.

Step 3: Duplicate the DVD
Since the DVD content is now on your hard drive, put a blank DVD into the DVD burner and click the next button to start duplication. Follow the onscreen instructions to begin the burn onto the blank DVD.

If you need DVDs duplicated in mass quantities it might be in your best interest to have a professional DVD duplication company do it for you.  You can find many duplication companies in your area by typing in something along the lines of DVD Duplication Los Angeles.