If you are looking to duplicate DVD’s of your own material there are plenty of DVD duplication services that can be found in your own area that will offer this service. The process has become very affordable especially if you order in larger quantities up to 500 discs. These type of companies can usually duplicate multiple copies of audio CDs, data CDs, data DVDs and video DVDs. To find a company look online by searching with terms such as DVD Duplication Phoenix, or any city. When you are ready to have your DVD duplicated it usually can be done by a provider online that specializes in CD and DVD duplication. Many providers will give you the opportunity to submit your own label already designed or will offer a service, sometimes for a fee, to design your label and packaging for you. Many times instead of having to mail your DVD disc to the company you can save out your DVD as an image file or archived file and upload it to them. They would be able to download the file and create your DVD master for duplication. In order to upload the file in a timely manner you will need a high speed internet connection. Once the DVD master is created the duplication company can make as many copies as needed. After the duplication process is complete the company will print your information onto the DVD disc.

Make sure the company uses a direct to disc printing method versus sticking a printed label on the disc. If the label is put on incorrectly the DVD becomes out of balance in the DVD player and could damage the player or not play at all. Most companies offer various types of packaging to put your DVD’s in. Depending on how the disc will be distributed will determine the correct type of packaging. If you are mailing your disc’s you might want to consider a soft poly case that has some flex to it and will not break in the mail. If your DVD’s will be for retail sale then you might want to consider the alpha case that has an outside printed wrap describing the content of the DVD.