Ripping a CD or DVD digital file is the process of taking the video and or audio content off the disc and putting it onto another media in a different format or transferring the file onto your computer so the file can be edited. When ripping the content from the disc, there is no damage done to the original file. In most cases ripping the information from the disc is used to edit, change formats, backup media or duplicate a file. When ripping a CD the actual term used is digital audio extraction. The rip refers to the data being copied from the CD to new media. It is taking the raw data files from the CD and moving them over to another format.

Ripping a DVD is done in a similar fashion as the CD disc. When using DVD ripping software it gives you the ability to re encode the files from the DVD disc to your new media using a different codec. If you have a DVD that needs to be edited and it is the only source of video you have then ripping the content from the DVD is your best option. There is a slight loss in quality but probably not visible to the human eye. It also depends on the quality of the video on the DVD. Once you have ripped the information from the DVD you can input that into a computer editing system, edit your video and output back onto a new DVD master. You now have a new DVD master that is ready to be duplicated. There are many options for DVD duplication and the price is usually based on quantity. It is best to do a internet search and find out what options best fit your needs. Searching for something like DVD Duplication Orange County should find you many companies in your area.