Digital Photo Restoration

Photo To Be RestoredHaving your old photos digitally restored can be a great way to bring back those old photographs that have faded away to time. Over time your photos can suffer color shifting (yellowish image), fading, tears, stains, scratches and water damage. There is no better way to preserve them than through digital photo restoration.

The first step in digital restoration is to have the original photo or film negative scanned. This step is very important since it will determine the quality of your finished photo. This means trying to get ahold of or use the best scanner and software you can find. The best scanner for the job will be a flatbed scanner versus the sheetfed scanner.

The most common photo degradation problem is fading. Most fading problems will be the blacks will become less dark and the whites will become to light. This means the photo is loosing its contrast. While the fading of a black and white photo is one issue, if your photo is color and is fading it becomes much more difficult to restore. Normally the photo will have a yellowish look to it fading out most of the colors. Many old photos have incurred imperfections like tears, stains, rips, tears and dust marks. These type of imperfections will take more time to restore especially if the damage is in their face or body.

With a good scanner and software like photoshop you should be able to repair most damaged photos. If you think this is above your skill level, then searching out a photo restoration company online will be a much better option and less frustrating in the end.

What Is The Minimum Amount of CD Copies A Company Will Duplicate?

There are many companies online today that offer CD duplication. Most large companies will have a minimum of 100 CD copies or more since they are not set up to handle the smaller runs and it ends up not being profitable for them. Small duplication facilities might have a lower minimum quantity since it is easier for them to produce small run or short run duplication orders. When deciding on a quantity for your CD duplication order you want to keep in mind that by ordering more disc you will be receiving a lower price per copy. So if you plan on duplicating more CD’s in the future instead of only ordering 25 you should get a quote for 50 and 100.

The cost difference could end up saving you money in the long run. There are many companies that will not have a minimum so if you are only looking to make 1 or 2 CD copies there are companies that will do it, but the price per copy will go up in price dramatically. Your best option is to find a local company that can do your small run CD duplication order. You might find a great deal from a company out of town, but keep in mind you will be paying a shipping fee which makes your per unit cost go up. The other benefit of using a local company is they can usually turn around small orders in less than 24 hours. Some companies might even be able to do them while you wait.

Will my 8mm and Super 8 film be damaged when I have it transferred to DVD?

Your old regular 8 and super 8 films hold priceless memories of your life and when was the last time your were able to watch them. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. With the amount of movies that we are able to watch on a computer or DVD player today there is no time to go back and watch your old 8mm and Super 8 films with a projector. Most people are hesitant to have their home movies transferred because they do not want to loose image quality or damage the film. This is a misconception, when your film is transferred correctly by a professional company your films should look as good if not better than the original.

Having your film transferred to a DVD or hard drive is going to not only preserve your memories but now you will be able to view them on your computer or DVD player. If you choose to have your film transferred to a hard drive, you now have the option to edit them. This means you are able to delete or move scenes around, add titles and music. Because you will only be transferring your film once, it is important to find a company that specializes in film to DVD transfers.

Find A DVD Duplication Service

If you are looking to duplicate DVD’s of your own material there are plenty of DVD duplication services that can be found in your own area that will offer this service. The process has become very affordable especially if you order in larger quantities up to 500 discs. These type of companies can usually duplicate multiple copies of audio CDs, data CDs, data DVDs and video DVDs. To find a company look online by searching with terms such as DVD Duplication Phoenix, or any city. When you are ready to have your DVD duplicated it usually can be done by a provider online that specializes in CD and DVD duplication. Many providers will give you the opportunity to submit your own label already designed or will offer a service, sometimes for a fee, to design your label and packaging for you. Many times instead of having to mail your DVD disc to the company you can save out your DVD as an image file or archived file and upload it to them. They would be able to download the file and create your DVD master for duplication. In order to upload the file in a timely manner you will need a high speed internet connection. Once the DVD master is created the duplication company can make as many copies as needed. After the duplication process is complete the company will print your information onto the DVD disc.

Make sure the company uses a direct to disc printing method versus sticking a printed label on the disc. If the label is put on incorrectly the DVD becomes out of balance in the DVD player and could damage the player or not play at all. Most companies offer various types of packaging to put your DVD’s in. Depending on how the disc will be distributed will determine the correct type of packaging. If you are mailing your disc’s you might want to consider a soft poly case that has some flex to it and will not break in the mail. If your DVD’s will be for retail sale then you might want to consider the alpha case that has an outside printed wrap describing the content of the DVD.

Should I Transfer My Video Tapes to DVD or A Hard Drive?

Video TapesDo you have boxes of video tapes sitting in your closet or attic? Before your memories start to fade away it is time to think about transferring them to a digital format. You do have a few choices which we will talk about below and give you the pro’s and cons’ of each format discussed.

Transferring your video tapes to DVD
Having your video tapes transferred to a DVD is one of the most common transfers to do. After your video tape has been converted to DVD it is ready to be played back in any stand alone DVD player or computer with a DVD drive. This type of transfer works best for people who are not looking to edit their home movies, just want to be able to play them back and share them with family and friends. The downside of having your video converted over to DVD it’s harder to edit them if you decide later you would like to cut certain parts out. The reason it is more difficult to edit once on DVD is it is now a compressed Mpeg 2. Once the compression is complete on the DVD in order to edit it you would now have to rip the information from the disc. This is going to result in some quality loss of the video. Once you have edited the video you will now have to recompress the video again to put it back on DVD.

Transferring your video tapes to a Hard Drive
When your video tapes are transferred to an external hard drive they now become a digital video file which you can edit with by using software in your computer. The video files are basically uncompressed so quality loss will be at a minimum. When having your video tapes converted to a hard drive you will need to be sure and specify what type of computer you will be working with a PC or a MAC. The video compression for a PC would be an AVI and for a MAC would be a .MOV. By using either one of these formats you are now able to edit your home videos and create wonderful movies for your family and friends. The only downside to having your video tapes put onto a hard drive is once you are finished with your editing you will have to create a DVD master.

How To Duplicate Your Own DVDs On Your Computer

If you have home movies on DVD and want to duplicate them on your computer then you will need software to accomplish this. Copying or duplicating a DVD means you are going to make additional copies of your master DVD. If you already have a DVD master ready to be copied this will be easier to make copies versus having to convert the video files onto your hard drive in the computer so you are able to output them back onto your DVD copies. To make DVD copies from your computer can be achieved in a few different ways. The first option is if you have a DVD player and a DVD burner in your computer. The second option will be to copy the files from your DVD onto your hard drive in your computer then burn them back onto as many DVDs as needed. The best option if you are making multiple copies or even hundreds would be to have a DVD duplication tower. These duplication towers can get expensive so it might be best to look for a company that specializes in DVD duplication to fulfill your requirements. Here is a step by step description if you decide to duplicate your DVD copies in your computer with one DVD recordable drive.

Step 1: Find and Download the Software
You will need to locate a good DVD duplication software. Most likely you will have to purchase the software unless it came with your computer or DVD burner. Look on the internet and do your research for the best option that will work with your computer.

Step 2: The DVD is loaded into your computer
You will need to load the DVD into your computer and click the import DVD button to load the content into your computer.

Step 3: Duplicate the DVD
Since the DVD content is now on your hard drive, put a blank DVD into the DVD burner and click the next button to start duplication. Follow the onscreen instructions to begin the burn onto the blank DVD.

If you need DVDs duplicated in mass quantities it might be in your best interest to have a professional DVD duplication company do it for you.  You can find many duplication companies in your area by typing in something along the lines of DVD Duplication Los Angeles.

Looking for a Local Slide or Photo Scanning Service

Photos on TableWhen you are ready to have your slides or photos scanned, it is a good idea to do an online search for a company that is in your area. Many people are a little reluctant to send their precious memories out of town or out of state since there is always that chance your package could get lost. Even though with today’s tracking technology by UPS and FedX, having your package lost still can happen. The other nice feature of using a local company is you are able to speak with the person that will be working on your job and visit the company to see how professional they come across. Here are a few more reasons on why to use a local company to scan your photos or slides.

The safety of your slides and photos
When shipping your media off to somewhere in the USA or out of the country there are greater chances something could happen to your memories. From being damaged in shipping, lost or shipped to a wrong address anything is possible. You can always add shipping insurance to cover your package, but this will never bring back your lost or damaged memories. By finding a local company, you always know where your media is and make sure the company you choose does all their work on premise and is not sent out.

Turnaround time is quicker
By using a local company you will eliminate the time it takes to ship and receive your slides or photos. This means a quicker turnaround time depending on the size of your order and many times your order can be complete in less than 24 hours. There are several online national companies that have a turnaround time of 4-6 weeks or longer.

Get to know your technician
When you deal with a local company you have the added benefit of not only meeting the person that will be scanning your photos or slides but being able to visit the company that will be doing the work. You can learn a lot by just checking out the facility.

Start your order
When you are ready to search for a local company online, enter the service you are looking for and the city. For example you could enter slide scanning San Diego or photo scanning San Diego and there should be several companies that come up in your area.

To find a local company in your area try searching online for keywords such as Photo Scanning San Diego or Slide Scanning San Diego. Alternatively, you could use Yelp or another online directory to find a company nearby.

Ripping A CD or DVD File From A Disc

Ripping a CD or DVD digital file is the process of taking the video and or audio content off the disc and putting it onto another media in a different format or transferring the file onto your computer so the file can be edited. When ripping the content from the disc, there is no damage done to the original file. In most cases ripping the information from the disc is used to edit, change formats, backup media or duplicate a file. When ripping a CD the actual term used is digital audio extraction. The rip refers to the data being copied from the CD to new media. It is taking the raw data files from the CD and moving them over to another format.

Ripping a DVD is done in a similar fashion as the CD disc. When using DVD ripping software it gives you the ability to re encode the files from the DVD disc to your new media using a different codec. If you have a DVD that needs to be edited and it is the only source of video you have then ripping the content from the DVD is your best option. There is a slight loss in quality but probably not visible to the human eye. It also depends on the quality of the video on the DVD. Once you have ripped the information from the DVD you can input that into a computer editing system, edit your video and output back onto a new DVD master. You now have a new DVD master that is ready to be duplicated. There are many options for DVD duplication and the price is usually based on quantity. It is best to do a internet search and find out what options best fit your needs. Searching for something like DVD Duplication Orange County should find you many companies in your area.

Making An Online Video For Marketing

Web VideoIf you want to increase your presence online then creating an online video for your company can help dramatically. If you share your video across the internet efficiently it can become very popular and help increase sales.

You are first going to find the right person to be on camera and represent your company. This could be yourself or if you are not comfortable in front of the camera it could be someone in the company. You can always try a talent agency but this will increase the budget to your video production. Having the right on camera talent will enhance your product and bring more people to view your video.

When creating your marketing video, you want to speak to your audience honestly. If you give people the impression you have one thing on your mind, profit, that could deter them and they will move onto another competitor. The bottom line is making a profit, but it is always important to think of your customer first.

When creating a marketing video to bring up sales and drive more traffic to your website, it is a good idea to take a look at your competitors to see if they are doing something similar. Check out what is working for them and try and use this information to help create a successful video campaign. You do not want to duplicate what they are doing but take some of there ideas and work them into your video production.

A successful video for marketing your company takes great on camera talent, a good script and a professional video crew. Once your video production is complete, open up an account on Youtube and other video sites, add your video to your own website, use social networking sites and see if you can post it on blog sites. Marketing your video on the internet is where it is at and for a very good reason. Need help finding a video production company to help produce your online video? You can start online by looking for video production and your city, such as Video Production San Diego.