Having your old photos digitally restored can be a great way to bring back those old photographs that have faded away to time. Over time your photos can suffer color shifting (yellowish image), fading, tears, stains, scratches and water damage. There is no better way to preserve them than through digital photo restoration.

The first step in digital restoration is to have the original photo or film negative scanned. This step is very important since it will determine the quality of your finished photo. This means trying to get ahold of or use the best scanner and software you can find. The best scanner for the job will be a flatbed scanner versus the sheetfed scanner.

The most common photo degradation problem is fading. Most fading problems will be the blacks will become less dark and the whites will become to light. This means the photo is loosing its contrast. While the fading of a black and white photo is one issue, if your photo is color and is fading it becomes much more difficult to restore. Normally the photo will have a yellowish look to it fading out most of the colors. Many old photos have incurred imperfections like tears, stains, rips, tears and dust marks. These type of imperfections will take more time to restore especially if the damage is in their face or body.

With a good scanner and software like photoshop you should be able to repair most damaged photos. If you think this is above your skill level, then searching out a photo restoration company online will be a much better option and less frustrating in the end.