There are many companies online today that offer CD duplication. Most large companies will have a minimum of 100 CD copies or more since they are not set up to handle the smaller runs and it ends up not being profitable for them. Small duplication facilities might have a lower minimum quantity since it is easier for them to produce small run or short run duplication orders. When deciding on a quantity for your CD duplication order you want to keep in mind that by ordering more disc you will be receiving a lower price per copy. So if you plan on duplicating more CD’s in the future instead of only ordering 25 you should get a quote for 50 and 100.

The cost difference could end up saving you money in the long run. There are many companies that will not have a minimum so if you are only looking to make 1 or 2 CD copies there are companies that will do it, but the price per copy will go up in price dramatically. Your best option is to find a local company that can do your small run CD duplication order. You might find a great deal from a company out of town, but keep in mind you will be paying a shipping fee which makes your per unit cost go up. The other benefit of using a local company is they can usually turn around small orders in less than 24 hours. Some companies might even be able to do them while you wait.