When using professional studio lights to photograph your product or products, you eliminate many of the setbacks that traditional lights can create. By using studio lights you get the ability to mount a diffuser, have adjustable heads on the lights and control the brightness of each light.

Studio lights come in three types: Tungsten, L.E.D. and Florescent.

The florescent light is very energy efficient but will output a low amount of light which can vary from 60 to 100 watts. The convenience of using a fluorescent bulb is they are cheap, always available and easy to replace. The L.E.D. lights are nice since they give off very little heat and are extremely energy efficient. The L.E.D. light is made up of several small LED lights and will outlast the florescent and tungsten light bulbs 5 times over. Since LED lights are newer technology they will be more expensive to purchase. Using tungsten lights will offer the highest output levels of light, but they do give off a tremendous amount of heat. The Tungsten lights can change your color temperature of your product shot if the brightness levels are adjusted which means relighting the shot again.

When buying a studio light kit it should include a mount so you can choose from the different lighting stands that are available today or it might already come with the stands. Most kits will come with two to three lights which should be enough light for small to medium product photography shots. Having correct lighting is 85% of the battle to getting a good product shot.