Using your PC to capture and transfer your video tapes to DVD has never been easier. In the past you would need to buy a video card and have it installed in your computer. The video card would have analog plugs where you plug in your VCR. Many times this set up would not work from the start and would require hours of troubleshooting.

With the advancement of technology there are systems available now that are as easy as just plugging in a USB cable. If you go online and search for “video to DVD converter” or visit your local technology store, you are sure to come across several manufactures.

Complete video to DVD transfer systems will include the software and hardware required to convert your old home video tapes. All you will need is a working VCR that can play the tapes. The software allows you to capture the video then edit it if needed. The hardware will be the adapter that will have audio and video jacks and the USB connector that will go to your computer. The audio/video jacks are marked in different colors. Yellow is for video and the white and red will be for the audio. Once you have everything connected properly you are on your way to preserving your video tapes to DVD.