Hire a professional designer – this will be money well spent. In order to locate a designer for your business printing you can start by checking with an agency or find someone who offers freelance designing. It will be very important to ask the designer if they have experience in San Diego business printing and design. Make sure they provide you with a portfolio of there work so you can judge for your self if they are qualified for the job. It is always helpful if you can hire one person that can handle all your branded materials.  If you intend on them also creating a logo for your business expect to pay anywhere from $200 – $4000 depending on usage, complexity and the designers experience.

Keep it simple but interesting – When designing your business printing media do not make your font too small or use wacky fonts that are hard to read. By using clean simple fonts to deliver your message will be visually pleasing to your customers. Think of your message as a call to action.

Stick to standard sizes and shapes – If you are the adventurous type then maybe you want to allow your business printing to take on a different dimension or shape. By going with an unusual shaped business card, letter head or brochure has its draw backs. One that comes to mind is the holders they will be going into. If you have an odd shaped business card how do you display them in a holder, or will they fit into some ones wallet. For the best results stay with the standard sizes and dimensions when designing your business printing.